16 Creative Voice Tech Applications

Voice tech can also be considered a personal assistant when the application helps you get your work done.


Advantages of the Gaming Mouse [infographic]

If you want to find out more advantages of gaming mouse, please read this infographic.


Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Facts [infographic]

There are other stories and facts, which you must read in order to understand the history of gaming mouse and this infogrpahic is definitely the best guideline for mouse history.

Stony Edige iPhone 6s Wallet Case

4 of the Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Wallet Cases on the Market

Advancement in technology has led to the constant release of upgraded iPhone series that keep ahead of all competition. The release of the iPhone 6s/6s has prompted us to research and share with you some of the top quality iPhone 6s/6s wallet cases you can buy online. A majority of you will guard your possession […]

Xiaomi XiaoYi IP Camera

Wi-Fi IP Camera Review: Xiaomi XiaoYi 720P

Howdy epicaGear readers! Today we’re here with the Xiaomi XiaoYi “Ant” 720P Wi-Fi IP camera from our friends at www.GearBest.com. Just want to give Gear Best a quick shout out of thanks for sending us this along with another project to review! Let’s get started. If you’ve been in the market for a Wi-Fi IP […]


Everything You Need to Know About IOS 9 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple has released the beta version of IOS 9. There have been several changes and improvements to built-in apps. News will be more readily available, Notes will be better functioning, more credit cards will be supported with Apple Pay and longer battery life. If you have an Android device and want to make the switch, […]


A Few Ways to Make Your TV Watching Experience Even Better

While you are watching better TV, you might as well do a few things to enhance your total viewing pleasure


Will Biometrics Ultimately Kill All of Our Passwords?

But will biometrics really replace the character based password, and is it truly as safe and secure as proponents claim?


Retro Games You Can Play on Your Mobile

But however vast the range of contemporary games there are, it’s also nice to turn back the clock with some retro gaming now and then.


Six Christmas Gifts for the Tech Geek in Your Life

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your tech fanatic, these are a few of the top gifts for this year.

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