It’s an epidemic, an infectious disease that consumers are buying into – cheap junk. It’s true, people like CHEAP STUFF, who doesn’t, right? Wrong! When I hear myself say “that’s cheap” I always ask myself this follow-up question “It’s cheap, but is it junk?” and the answer is generally a resounding “YES!”.

The fact is cheap is OK long as quality is not sacrificed but in nearly ever case it generally is. FACT: you get what you pay for.

The same can be said when it comes to the iPhone Lightning Cable. The new and somewhat expensive cable has become a feeding-frenzy for some manufactures offering cheap, cut-rate lightning cables that are nothing but junk. Cables like this and this and adapters like this work for some but are thrown away by most – junk.

So, what is the Apple user to do? Either 1) spend the $19 and buy the real thing or 2) find a generic lightning cable that does not suck. Here’s 3 options for you…

Apple Lightning CableOption 1 – Apple USB Lightning Cable

Most are unaware that if you head over to Amazon you can buy the real thing for just $17, a $2 savings!

Nothing will work like the authentic iPhone 5 Lightning Cable so save yourself some time looking around for an alternative and stick with the real McCoy.

This cable is 100$ genuine, manufactured by Apple and is actually solid by Apple on Amazon – just $2 bucks cheaper.

Buy the Genuine Apple Lightning Cable for $16.99

Option 2 – AmazonBasics USB Lightning Cable

AmazonBasics Lightning Cable

For those of you wanting to save another $5 bucks, the lightning cable from AmazonBasics is the BEST alternative solution that I’ve found. The cable is durable, light-weight, and is made from quality materials giving you a great cable that WILL LAST (in fact, it comes with a 1-Year Warranty!).

The Lightning to USB cable can be used for charging & syncing devices like iPhone iPad, or iPod and 3 ft cable allows users to easily reach what they need without having tons of leftover cable.

What I like MOST about this cable are the reviews. With a SOLID 4.5 out of 5 star rating users comment that “There’s no reason you should not buy this cord” and “This cable is Apple approved and uses a Lightning connector that is 100% identical to the original cable’s plug…For $5 less I’ll pick this cable up any day”. That say sit all.

Buy the AmazonBasic Lightning Cable for $13.99

Option 3 – Belkin Car Charger + 8-Pin Lightning Cable

Belkin Lightning Charger & Cable

I’m a big fan of Belkin products; they are generally quality and I can trust them even with my expensive devices. While this option is $29.14, you get the added benefit of not only a quality lightning cable but car charger as well. I own this car charger myself and can recommend it personally!

The 4.3 out of 5 star cable & charger rocks a low-profile that sites flush with your dash, detachable Lightning to USB cable for versatile charging and integrated USB port that will work with any USB cable.

Best of all, the reviews speak for themselves saying “It works perfectly for my iPhone 5”, “This work great and can be used for not only charging but also to sync to iTunes and transfer data” and “The Belkin phone charger is a great accessory to have for your iPhone if you have an unused power outlet”.

Buy the Belkin Car Charger + Lightning Cable

While you’ll find some other options on the market, I recommend the above since they are reviewed by hundreds of buyers and come from proven manufactures. However, if you know of another great alternative  please share it below in the comments.