If your anything like me, there’s two things you really enjoy: New Technology & New Games and over at EpicaGames.com we’ve been rocking it out with some really sick game previews for a few of the most anticipated games of the year and I wanted to share them with you.

Battlefield 3 Preview

1) Battlefield 3 Pre E3 Preview

The new Battlefield is scheduled to be released in the 4th quarter of 2011 and is said to be available for Xbox, PC & PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, author Jordan Hill, has pulled together a nice set of videos and general stats on what to look for in this new epic game.

Mass Effect 3 Preview

2) Mass Effect 3 Preview

I personally haven’t dived into this series yet but everything I’ve seen thus far looks absolutely sick and a must play. Everything form the concept art to the live in-game videos is looking 100% epic. Be sure to check this post, watch all the videos and even download some of the wallpapers provided.

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Game Preview

3) Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Preview

The gameplay looks amazing, concept art looks sick and the general storyline is unbelievable! There is a LOT of chatter about this game and a lot of my personal friends have preorded this game already to ensure they get their hands on it early. If you haven’t seen anything on the game, check this post out!

Deus Ex Human Revolution Game Preview

4) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview

Last but definitely not the least, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Releasing this month on August 23rd, 2011, this game is looking like another must play! This is another “choice” game which is pretty cool but the graphics and gameplay looks sick! Check it out.

Again, you can find the full previews of these 4 epic games on EpicaGames.com where you can downloaded all kinds of cool wallpapers and see some really cool videos.