With a wealth of gaming platforms out there, some offering free downloads and some not, it is certainly a confusing task to try and pick the best game for your needs.

There is, however, something for everyone from RPG games through to the best in adventure; it is how we access these games that will determine price, fun and speed of download.

Here are my top 5 picks for Google Chrome this year.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

game mario bros

The epitome of a fan developed flash game, this 1980s classic has had a face lift but still looks, feel and interacts as well as the original. This long awaited remake of the classic Super Mario games allows you to play as some of our most loved characters, from Mega Man through to Sophia. Each character comes with the classic skills we knew and loved from the days of NES and some new added features and bonus level.

This is the perfect download for those of us lucky enough to have experienced the original in all its glory. Plus you get the added intrigue from some fantastic bonus levels and cheats that will unlock all the glory.

Pinball Roulette game pinball-roulette

Pinball and roulette in one game, what could possibly be better? If you love some roulette mayhem and the classic fun of a pinball game then this is one that needs to be on your download list. The game play is the same as it is in any casino, with the difference just being the aesthetics; the most obvious being that you are playing with a pinball machine instead of a wheel. This cleverly merged design from Grosvenor creates a more relaxed roulette experience than you would be used too, but you can still win BIG – which is always a nice added bonus.

This game has many levels and bonus points that can determine the outcomes and payouts. If you don’t want to spend your money then opt for the Ply for Free modes and enjoy it all for FREE.

Plants Vs Zombiesgame plants vs zombies

Plants Vs Zombies has been a stand out game over the last 12 months, often topping the download lists. This is an action-strategy PopCap game that allows you to protect your environment from zombie invasions. This charming game incorporates casual gaming with hard core strategy, thus creating a game that flows with ease and is ultimately packed full of heart thumping action.

The games itself, has over 50 levels each spread across different environments that you have to protect using your trusty plants; a modern age version of chess , this is a game that adults and children can all enjoy.

Cargo BridgeCargo Bridge

If you are a fan of the humble puzzle game, then move away from Bejewelled and get your hands on Cargo Bridge, a physics-based puzzle game that is as much fun as it is thought provoking. Developed by Limex Games, who traditionally only design for internet based games, the graphics used here are a throwback to the age of game boys and the easy to understand game play makes this a very accessible game for all. The game play surrounds you building bridges to get to prizes, bonuses and new levels. Each bridge has to be carefully planned to take into account gravity and materials, it really will get you brain going. The game play will definitely leave you wanting to play more and more on this humble little game.


Ozee has been on the scene for a while and has recently become available to Google Chrome – finally! This is a great alternative to Cargo Bridge, for players who love adventure and puzzles; this has certainly got it all. This is single character game; you play as Ozee and you will travel through lands solving puzzles along the way. The game play is clever enough, that if you fall off or engage in certain moves, you will unlock new areas and features which leaves this game with a lot more depth then you first though.

This game is well polished and the puzzles re thoughtful in their creation, which will leave you addicted to this breakthrough game.