8 of the Best iPhone 5 Docks on the Market Today!

It’s very clear that Apple has no plans to sell their own iPhone 5 dock like they did with previous iPhone versions so many users (including myself) are left searching the stores, amazon and the web to find the perfect dock for iPhone 5. Well, search no more, today we’ll list and quickly review 10 of the best iPhone 5 docks on the market to-date.

Enough talk, chat and gabbing and on to why you’re reading this post. Here we go:

Belkin Charge + Sync Dock | $34.99

Belkin Charge + Sync Dock 1

While we’ve already made it known that Apple will NOT be making an iPhone 5 dock, they do sell this beautiful Belkin Charge + Sync dock for iPhone 5 in stores & online that sure lives up to most of my docking expectations.

Belkin’s 3.6 out of 5 star iPhone dock is really a great start to your dock journey packing a beautifully designed painted aluminum finish, lightweight, compact, portable structure and overall compatibility with most modern day computers. While the case claims to work with “some” thinner cases, it’s reasonable to say that most cases will NOT work with this dock but that’s not uncommon with most docks so be prepared to shed the case when docking, syncing and charging.

Great overall designDoes not include headphone jack (cannot connect headphones while docking)
Includes dock + 4ft charge/sync cableDoes not work with most cases
Dock, charge and sync all at onceLittle expensive
Works with iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th Gen) & iPod Nano (7th Gen)Requires two hands to remove phone from dock

Buy the Belkin Charge + Sync Dock

Belkin Charge + Sync + Listen Dock | $19.99

Belkin Charge Sync Audio 3

While this Belkin iPhone 5 dock may appear to be very similar to the one we just reviewed, it’s actually a different dock altogether. The Belkin Charge Charge + Sync + Listen dock does just that – you can doc, charge, sync and listen to music via headphones all at the same time. Just plug your phone in and use the headphone jack built into the device to listen to your favorite music.

One common complaint about the dock however is the clunky design. Since the cable isn’t supplied, you’re instructed to insert your own cable into the provided slot and it’s common when the phone is pulled out that the cable becomes disloged forcing you to reinsert it.

Given all the facts, this case has a 3.1 out of 5 star review, however, is one of the better options if you’re looking for a dock that will allow you to listen, charge, and sync all at once.

Charge + Sync + Listen, all at onceDesign flawed – sometimes hard to use
Cable managementCharge/sync cable NOT included
Aluminum painted constructionRequires some patience
Only $19.99

Buy Belkin Charge + Sync + Listen Dock

Elago M2 Stand/Dock | $25

Elago M2 iPhone 5 Stand/Dock 1

Ok, I’ll admit that this is technically NOT a dock but given it’s ratings, design and function, I had to include it!

The 4.5 out of 5 star, aluminum Elago M2 stand brings amazing design and functionality to your home office (or anywhere really). While you’ll need to use your own cable to sync and charge the device, this stand beautifully positions your iPhone 5 so that you can charge and sync while always having an easy eye on the screen for FaceTime and movies. Another REALLY positive detail is that, in most cases, you can keep your iPhone case ON and still use the stand.

Again, while this is not a dock, it can function like one by simply using your own cable and connecting it each time for use. This is probably the one I’ll go with!

Seriously beautiful design, Apple styleIt’s a stand, not a dock
Perfect angleCharge/sync cable NOT included
Works with most casesLimited access to headphone jack (when vertical)
Cable management

Buy Elago M2 Stand/Dock

Noblestandard Sync + Audio Dock | $9.59

Data Sync + Audio Dock 1

If you loved Apple’s iPhone 4 dock, you’ll fall in love with Noblestandards sync + audio dock for just $9.59!

With a mild 3.7 out of 5 star rating, this dock allows you to dock, sync, and listen to your iPhone 5 all at once and with a minimal designed dock. You’ll have to provide your own sync cable but for $10 bucks, it’s worth a try.

Only $10 bucksWill not work with cases
Charge + Sync + Listen, all at onceApple like but not Apple quality
Minimal, Apple like designPrevious ship errors (that were corrected)
Sleek and stylish chrome finish

Buy Noblestandard Sync + Audio Dock

JBL OnBeat Speaker Dock | $99

JBL OnBeat Speaker Dock 1

The 4 out of 5 star JBL OnBeat speaker dock packs great sound, digital signal processing, compact and portable design and up to 5 hours on AAA batteries with the option to use the included AC adapter for continual play.

While this little guy is $99 bucks, you probably won’t find a better “light weight” dock/speaker option on the market right now. So if you’re willing to pay the few extra pennies, we highly recommend it.

JBL Speaker Dock + Sync + ChargeWill not work with cases
Small, minimal & great design (comes in black & white)Large power supply
Completely portable & mobileExpensive
Stereo Input, USB port & LED status indicator

Buy JBL OnBeat Speaker Dock

Bose SoundDock Series 3 | $249

Bose SoundDock iPhone 5, 1

If you’re looking for amazing sound with your iPhone 5 dock, look no further than the 4.3 out of 5 star Bose SoundDock Series 3 from Bose. Experience proprietary acoustic design, simply amazing audio and functionality that will blow you away.

However, it will not come cheap! In fact, this guy will set you back $249 dollars but like with anything, you get what you pay for.

The key features of this dock included remote control to control power, volume, track seek and playlist navigation, auxiliary input so you can play any outside audio source plus charge your phone all at the same time.

Speaker Dock + ChargeExpensive, $249
Amazing, top notch soundDoes not sync to PC/Mac
Great designBigger, bulky design
AUX input & includes remote control Home-use only

Buy Bose SoundDock Series 3

The Lightning Dock | $34.95

The Lightning Dock 1Coming in aluminum, black aluminum, bead or brushed, the lighting dock may be the most minimal iPhone 5 dock on the market today. I came across this guy soon after buying my iPhone 5 and was >< close to buying but held out until others came to the market.

Few of the key features with this dock include: a very stable, lightning connector that is built to hold your iPhone in place, works with or without a case and has a simply beautiful, Apple-like design to match the Mac.

The best feature however is the fact that you can use this dock with iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5th Gen!

Beautiful, Apple-like designCost extra for back support
Dock + Charge + SyncSync cable not included (by default)
Various colors & finishesSomewhat expensive
Minimal, stable & works with cases

Buy The Lightning Dock for iPhone 5

ElevationDock for iPhone 5 | $89

ElevationDock for iPhone 5 -1

The ElevationDock for iPhone 5 is said to be “The dock Apple should have made in the first place” and it’s design, price and function reflects just that. It’s an exquisitely crafted dock with glass bead blasted finish by default which they call the “Apple Finish” but does come a wide variety of finishes.

While the dock does NOT have a stereo output (so connecting headphones while docking is impossible), the dock does include audio ports so you can easily use your iPhones speakers to project audio.

Personally, I feel it’s overpriced but do LOVE the design!

Beautiful, Apple-like designNo headphone jack
Dock + Charge + SyncSync cable not included (by default)
Various colors & finishesExpensive
Works with some cases

Buy ElevationDock for iPhone 5

That’s a wrap…

As always, read the reviews of every product so you can be confident in your purchase by knowing all the details of every product.

Feel I missed an important dock? Please provide it below in the comments – would love to see more!!

  1. I think a nice pair of bluetooth headphones fills the gap for those docks without the headphone jack. I know bluetooth isn’t the audiophile’s choice, but what with the compressed files most people listen to.good enough.