3D television, also referred to as 3DTV, is a television that communicates depth perception to the viewers by utilizing techniques such as multi-view display, stereoscopic display, 2D-plus-depth as well as other forms of 3D display. The most recent 3D television makes use of an active shutter 3D system or a polarized 3D system which allows one to watch 3D films without the use of 3D glasses. Sounds great right? Think again…

Today the big news is…3D television is dead or at least according what we reviewed at 2013’s Consumer Electronics Show!

The fact is, 3D TV is still a new ‘thing’. It’s super popular in movie theaters and is making a huge splash in the average consumer home, however, the technology of today is the technology of the PAST tomorrow and we saw nothing different at CES 2013.

CES 2013 - Konka Ultra HD TV

CES 2013 – Konka Ultra HD TV (Photo credit: nodomain1)

Even though consumer 3D technology is relatively new to the industry, the solid truth CES2013 has revealed this year is that everybody has lastly accepted that 3D TV is dead and already moved on.

Ultra HD

The reserved place of 3D has been taken away by 4K which is also referred to as Ultra HD. Though we are years away from being able to create a well transmitted 4K TV, it facilitates manufacturers to concentrate on making much bigger, better televisions for the end user.

The word “4K” refers to the horizontal resolution of these formats that comprises of 4,000 pixels. This usually mean that budgets get tighter and the user must opt for a high quality digital output that can keep its own on demand  from 4K movies that will ensure the production remains ambitious.

Today the television manufacturers are moving towards enhanced, smart televisions, super-thin displays with 4K resolutions; among which all of the features are useful towards the consumers. 4D televisions sound more like a ride at Disney Land when compared to the festival ride 3D film of today.

Another fact is that consumers are finding 3D TV’s confusing,  case nausea and even fits to children and adults with special needs. It’s also been said that 3D television can have a highly negative impact on your eyes – all recent discoveries that make Ultra HD even more attractive.

Still not convinced? Even some of the most impressive brand new 2013 TVs did not feature themselves in 3D.

2013 Television: ULTRA-HDTV, 4K TV

The glass free 3D television sets at the CES made use of an exhilarating brand new technology that actually stole away the show at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show – the brand new “Ultra HD” 4K Television technology. The Ultra-HDTVs are not at all 3D and it is found that most of the Ultra-HDTVs displayed at CES hold an unbelievable jagged resolution of 3,840×2160 which is supposedly four times that resolution of our current sets.

So, where does this leave us? Opt for 4K TVs and trash the old 3D Television sets. Today 3D appears to be a thing of the past and 4K takes away the limelight. So, keep away 3D satellite television and grab your 4K TV!