Twenty-eight short hours after positing a new project on, the makers of the pebble smart watch seen a surprising 1M dollars from backers which has now grown to above $3.5 million with 31 days left.

Keep in mind that unless the Pebble Smart Watch actually succeeds in it’s efforts, the $3.5M is just merely a number that will soon fade away since Kickstarter users don’t actually pay until they receive a product.


I wouldn’t expect these guys NOT to come through with that much money on the line. They’ve invested a lot of time and probably even a lot of money into making this project a success so my guess is we’ll see this new fancy watch on the market sooner rather than later.

My question is, how’d they get from $100K to $3.5 M?

kickstarter logo

kickstarter logo (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

So the concept of this new watch is actually pretty simple – “A Smart Phone Remote/Mobile Display”. With the ability to add various apps to this little device you can control the music on your mobile phone, track speed/distance,etc. while cycling and running, and even customize the faceplate the way you’d like.

In the most simplest form, I feel the reason this project has literally blown up is simply because it fills a need of many out there – “see a need, fill a need”. Many people LOVE the iPod nano – it’s small, easy to exercise with and is just easy to use BUT it’s an completely different device that requires syncing, management, etc. The Pebble Smart Watch allows you to keep your smart phone as the primary device with a really cool (and accessible) remote.

Last but not least, marketing. The pebble smart watch team has done a great job selling the product on kickstarter providing great videos, images and what to expect to it’s backers. I see a LOT of good ideas on kickstarter but never really want to back them because the lack of details provided.

Pebble technology peeps, how’s it feel to be rich?

$3.5 millions dollars in their grasp right now and it’s only going up as we speak. Must be nice.

Update 5/14/2012

It’s been nearly one month since we seen the $100K goal kickstarter project kick over $3.5 millionĀ dollarsĀ in support. Thought that was a lot? As of 5/14 over $10 million has been pledged for the Pebble. Just wow!