iOS 5 Coming this Fall

WWDC 2011 brought developers and apple fans alike a lot of good news and features soon to come including Lion OS, iOS5 and iCloud – each one perfect in it’s on way. Today I’d dive into Apple’s iOS 5 and see what type of features we can expect…let’s get started.

Over 200 Features in iOS 5

Notificaton Center IconNotification Center

No matter if your in a game, creating an email or watching a movie the new notification center will slightly notify you if you have a new email, tweet, missed call or text then quickly disappear.

I know what your saying, “Isn’t this something that has been on Droid and other platforms for a while?” and the answer is yes but Apple has put it’s spin on it and it’s looks sexy.

iMessage IconiMessage

Up to this point, if a iTouch or iPad user wanted to send a text message to someone they had to download an app. Now with iMessage you can send unlimited text messages via your iPhone, iTouch and iPad at no charge.

This is done through Wi-Fi or 3G and can be sent to anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iTouch running iOS 5.

Newsstand IconNewsstand

If you like reading magazines, your going to love Newsstand. This new app allows you to subscribe to all your favoriate publications and quickly access them from one central location. No fuse, no mess.

In addition, you’ll have the option to quickly shop and add new subscriptions to your shelf. Looks very similar to iBooks but for magazines.

Reminders IconReminders

Not sure if this ends the need for other “to-do” type apps like Things from Apple or not but I really love this new app. Quickly write down things you simply do not want to forget and this neat little apple will create a to-do list for you and sync it with iCal, Outlooks and or iCloud.

And not to mention, this app looks beautiful as expected.

Twitter IconTwitter Integration

With Apple iOS5 Twitter will be integrated right at the core which will allow you to tweet directly from YouTube, Camera, Photos, Safari and Maps. Add location to your tweet, find friends right from iOS 5.

Camera IconCamera, access & pinch-to-zoom

I love the quote “The best camera is the one you always have with you” and I have totally found that to be true; my iPhone is always with me so I always have a nice camera to use and it’s only getting better!

You’ll now be able to access your camera quickly and easily from the lock screen without having to type in a password or sliding to unlock. You’ll also be able to use teh volume-up button to snap photos and pinch-to-zoom. No brainier if you ask me but good news!

Photos IconPhotos, crop, rotate & more

Enhance, crop, rotate and remove red-eye without leaving the Photos app.You’ll also have the ability to organize photos into albums right on the device and push new photos to all your devices with the all new iCloud.

Again, I think this is a no brainier but I’m really looking forward to seeing this in action and stop using so many other apps to do simple things like rotating or cropping.

Safari IconSafari, tabbed browsing

Not sure about anyone else but I’ve completely stopped using Safari simply because of not tabbed browsing – Terra was the better option until now.

However, iOS 5 will update Safari to have reading list, tabbed browsing and reader which will display articles on the web MUCH better by removing ads and beautifying even the worse website.

PC Free IconPC Free, cut the cord!

That’s right! Cut the cord coming from your USB port to your devise cause now you can activate and update it wirelessly. For updates, you’ll only download the changes vs. the entire iOS over again – it’s about time if you ask me.

Ready to get rid of that cord? I know I am!

iPad Figure GesturesMultitasking Figure Gestures for iPad

I must admit, this is the update I’m looking forward to using the most. You’ll now be able to use your figures to access so handy shorts cuts like revealing the multitasking bar, pinching to return to the home screen and easily switching between apps.

I kinda wanted this for the iPhone as well but it makes sense why they didn’t, not sure using 4 figures on the iPhone or iTouch makes much since. However, this gives just another reason to have both an iPhone and iPad, haha.

A few other updates in iOS 5…

  • Mail – rich-text editing like bold, italic, underlining or indents directly within mail. You’ll also be able to flag important messages, add or delete folders or rearrange names in address fields by dragging.
  • Calendar – With iCloud you’ll now be able to share your calender with family and friends and also keep it in sync with all your devices.
  • Game Center – You’ll now be able to personalize Game Center a bit by adding a profile pics and meeting new friends by recommendations based on the type of games you play. In addition, you’ll be have the ability to discover new games right in Game Center.
  • Wi-Fi Sync – iOS 5 will enable you to sync wirelessly to your Mac or PC.
  • AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2 – I haven’t really used AirPlay up to this point but now that you can wirelessly stream your iPad on your TV I probably will. Whatever you do on the iPad, you’ll see on your screen including games, photos, apps, calender and mail.
  • Built-in dictionary – Simply highlight a word and choose “Define” to get a definition
  • iPad Split Keyboard – use thumbs for typing easily on iPad
  • Hourly Weather Forecasts
  • Alternate routes in Maps
  • Option to speak text selection

Pictures, Videos & Screenshots of iOS5

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Well, that’s a wrap

All in all, I think iOS5 is going to be a great update and I honestly can’t wait for it to be released. Although Apple hasn’t released a specific date, the word is it will be released in Fall (sometime). For more information on specifics on iOS 5 check out Apple iOS 5 Features page. Thanks for reading guys – feel free to leave any and all comments below!!