In review today is the Apple Smart Cover designed with the magnetic, off-again, on-again technology that everyone has learned to absolutely love. This case/cover starts at a shocking $39.99 for the Polyurethane version but does go all the way up to $69.99 for the leather version.

Apple Smart Cover Pro’s

Even though I’m not a huge fan of this case, there are a few potential pros to this case that I can see some liking.

  • Easily to install – pops on correctly, every time
  • Smart Cover technology is sick – can’t live without it now
  • Minimal design – takes full advantage of the new iPad 2’s size
  • Easily use the rear-facing camera

Apple Smart Cover Con’s

My two biggest dissapointments with the Apple Smart Cover is the lack of protection and standing positions for my iPad 2. I could easily take care of the “protection” part easily with a back “snap on” cover or some type of ghost armor but would expect the case to be a LOT cheaper than $39.99.

Okay, enough complaining. Here’s the laundry list of cons I feel the smart case brings to the table:

  • Lack of protection – it’s a $600+ device, I’m clumsy and I want it protected.
  • Lack of standing positions – only has two. Typing positions is okay but the vertical positions is nearly at a 90 degree angle and is nearly impossible to use when setting on a table or desk.
  • Did I mention standing positions? :)
  • Cover comes off easily
  • Flimsy by design – a con to me

Overall, not sure how “smart” the Apple Smart Cover is really and I don’t think many will be happy with it either. Nearly every iPad 2 I see is in a different case and I can understand why.

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