As most of you know, iOS 6 was announced earlier this month with improvements to Maps & Siri, better Facebook integration and a few other “meh” additions which netted minimal excitement (at least for myself and many others).

FaceTime Over CellularPerhaps the most anticipated and exciting feature was the ability to use FaceTime without a WiFi connection – well, even this feature could be CRUSHED! According to the findings of, it appears AT&T will control and charge for FaceTime over your 3G/4G network. Yes, the same way they control and charge for the iPhone’s tethering service is said to apply for the newly added FaceTime over cellular feature.

What’s this mean?

It means if this happens a LOT of people (including myself) are going to be massively upset; not only will we have a so-so iOS update but we’ll also be charged to use one of the biggest additions to the release. Hogwash.

Since Verizon is not giving the same pop-up message AT&T is, it also means a lot of people could decide to switch carriers to save money and use the features without cost.

What’s AT&T have to say?

We’re working closely with Apple on the new developer build of iOS6 and we’ll share more information with our customers as it becomes available. – AT&T

While this could just be a way to block the FaceTime over Cellular feature while in iOS beta, I would’nt bet on it. As much as this idea infuriates me (and many others) I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T pulled this on it’s loyal customers.

My message to AT&T

Don’t suck and charge for a ANOTHER feature. If it takes more of our data to use it, just let us buy MORE data.