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Jayson Akers is a chief administrator and primary author for the Epica Network. When he's not writing articles, coding new features or delivering inspiring half-time speeches he enjoys time with his wife and his four incredible kids.


Mom’s Favorite Gift This Year Could Be One of These Apps

This Mother’s Day, why not give mom an app she will love for her iPhone or iPad? Traditional gifts of flowers or family pictures in frames are nice, but thinking outside of the box will really wow mom this year. Here are some great app ideas to get you started.


Feds Move to Block AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

Not too long ago we helped break the news on AT&Ts plan to acquire T-Mobile to improve their call quality and data network. The one obstacle that we all knew might trip up the whole deal just did. The US Justice Department just filed to block the merger.


Windows OS Versions Experiment

Do you remember Windows XP? What about Windows 98? …95? How far back does your relationship with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems go? Check out this video of an interesting & nostalgic Windows OS installation experiment.


AT&T to Buy T-Mobile

According to company press releases and several confirmed reports AT&T is set to acquire T-Mobile USA from the Germany telecom giant Deutsche Telekom AG for some $39 billion in cash and stocks.

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