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Michael loves everything Google and Android. For that matter, everything else tech and gear related. His wife frowns on all the cables he owns, but she doesn't know there are probably more coming from Amazon today.


The Grandparent-Proof Tablet: 24-hour Video Support on the New Kindle HDX

I know the feeling. You buy a new high tech toy for Christmas for your aging relatives. After spending most of Christmas day explaining each and every feature, while they take furious notes (on paper!), you inevitably get a call on the 26th with a million more questions. This seems to die down around May(3 […]

Kindle HD 2013

Kindle HD 2013 Edition: Best Tablet For the Money?

The Christmas season may be over but the holiday deals are still to be had, especially in the tablet industry. Tablets used to be priced out of the range of most pre & post holiday shoppers. This or any tablet you could get under $200, ran at the speed of a 90’s PC trying to […]


The New Kindle Fire HDX: A Tablet for Everyone

In the market for a new tablet? Apple iPad may have the shine but Amazon Kindle has really stepped it up with their new Kindle HDX, check it out…


The New Google Chromecast: What it Does and What it Will Do

Do we really need another way to stream our content to the TV? Chromecast from Google thinks we do. Read on to see if it stacks up to the likes of Apple TV and Roku

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