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David Strader is a chief administrator and primary author for the Epica Network. When he's not writing articles or coding HTML he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, family and local church in Arizona.


iOS 6 Comes Tomorrow, Here’s What to Expect

Looking forward to iOS 6 tomorrow? If so, here’s the run-down of all the features you can expect – large and small.

Apple TV

Hulu Plus Quietly Arrives on Apple TV [NEWS]

No, it’s not a rumor; bloggers and Apple TV owners around the world (along with an Hulu rep) has confirmed that Apple TV now offers the Hulu Plus service.

AT&T Becomes Evil

AT&T CEO Replies to Paid 3G/4G FaceTime Rumor

AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson, replies to the FaceTime over cellular service rumor released yesterday. Let’s see what he has to say…

FaceTime Over Cellular

AT&T to Charge for FaceTime over 3G/4G in iOS 6? Really?!?

If you’re reading this title you’re more than likely saying to yourself…”WhAt?!?” If so, don’t feel bad, just read more.

WWDC 2012 Logo

Where to Watch WWDC 2012 Live on the Web

Here’s some links for those of you wanting to keep up on WWDC 2012 this morning.

Facebook Camera is a Top App!

Facebook Camera Hits #2 in the Apple App Store

In just under 24 hours, the all-new Facebook Camera hits top of the charts and is apparently a very popular app!


Facebook Launches An Instagram-Style Photo App – Welcome Facebook Camera!

Facebook has an all-new app now available for download – let’s take a look!

Google Chrome Logo

Enjoy Tab Syncing in Chrome 19 as of…NOW!

A new release of Google Chrome today with an all new feature to boot – check it out!


New MacBook Pro To Be Thin, Fast & Beautiful + Announced at WWDC in June

There has been a lot of talk around WWDC 2012 (since its announcement last month) but today we hear another “rumor” that I’d trust above them all – and it’s all around MacBook Pro!


After Seeking 100K, Pebble Smart Watch Raises over 3M on Kickstarter

This new technology is making it’s rounds and impressing everyone around the web with more than $3.5 million dollars in support.

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