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David Strader is a chief administrator and primary author for the Epica Network. When he's not writing articles or coding HTML he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, family and local church in Arizona.

Apple iPad Smart Case Problems

iPad 3 Users, Beware of iPad 2 Smart Cover Problems

Thousands around the world are discovering major issues with third-party iPad 2 cases when trying to make them work for their new iPad. Buyers beware!

Apple TV In Hand

New 2012 Apple TV: Review, Thoughts, Pictures & More

This weekend I acquired the new 2012 Apple TV (thanks to my Dad and Step-Mother) and I wanted to share my review, thoughts and pictures of the un-boxing process. Skipping all the blah, blah, blah and diving right in…

The New iPad is here, Apple Store Live Video

[LIVE VIDEO] The New iPad is Here in Arizona

There you have it, the New iPad is here and officially available here in Arizona. I thought it was kind of cool that I was able to catch this on video and wanted to share it.

Ocatavo Luxury iPad 3 Case

[NEWS] Pad & Quill Releases Several New iPad 3 Cases

Woot! The moment I’ve been waiting for, Pad & Quill has just released several new rockin cases for the iPad 3 and I’m ready to share the news. Let’s dive in…

DODOcase Essentials and Summer / Spring

[NEWS] DODOcase Launches Cases for the New iPad…and more!

DODOcase just announced some breaking news on two new collections of cases for the New iPad along with two other interesting new features! Let’s take a look.


The New iPad vs. iPad 2 – What’s Different & Should You Switch?

With the announcement of the new iPad many Apple fans are asking the question “Should I switch?”, including myself. Let’s compare iPads and determine if the new iPad is worth the upgrade.

the New iPad

[NEWS] The New iPad, Announced and on Pre-order

Yesterday Apple announced “The New iPad” and put a lot of iPad 3 rumors to bed, including one of my very own. Let’s take a look at today’s news.

iPad 3 Rumor

[RUMOR] iPad 3 to be Announced in February & Released in March

The tech rumor today is 1) exciting and 2) very believable. Reports are saying that the Apple iPad 3 could be announced on Steve Jobs birthday, February 24 (yes, only 18 days away) with a released date of March 29th. Many are referring to this released to be “different” due to the recent passing of […]

iBooks, Reinventing Textbooks

[NEWS] Apple Launches iBooks 2, a Steve Jobs innovation dream

“The process by which states certify textbooks is corrupt, but if we can make the textbooks free, and they come with the iPad, then they don’t have to be certified. The crappy economy at the state level will last for a decade, and we can give them an opportunity to circumvent that whole process and […]

Apple iPhone vs. Android

From Android to iPhone 4S – Making the Switch Reviews

I’ve been hearing about a lot of people making the switch from Android to iPhone – here’s my thoughts on why and reviews from three people who have made the switch themselves.

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