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Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Facts [infographic]

Have you ever asked yourself what is the gaming mouse? Who created it? And what major problems it solved? Now, this infographic about Top 10 Gaming Mouse Facts will answer all your questions. Behind every invention there is a problem which humankind face. When the first computer operating system (OS) was invented in 1973, engineers were faced with another problem, they needed some device to interact with the computer. So in 1973 Douglas Engelbart’s invention was first used with the Xerox Alto computer system, and they called this device a then the mouse has changed and now it looks completely different. Instead of a wooden shell they have a plastic unibody, laser and optical sensors have replaced mouse ball. New…
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Advantages of the Gaming Mouse [infographic]

Have you ever asked yourself what are the advantages of the gaming mouse? To answer that question we have to understand main idea behind the gaming mouse. The gaming mouse is an ordinary mouse with extra features and those extra functions take this simple invention to another level. Some of the gaming mice are designed and developed by professional gamers, every gaming mouse is created for modern games. This infogrpahic will show you main advantages of the gaming advantage is ddjustable DPI, you can switch between DPI settings on the fly, which means that no software or extra plugin is needed to increase or decrease your DPI sensitivity while playing your favorite game. Another great feature is custom weight system,…
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Geek Culture

4 of the Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Wallet Cases on the Market

Advancement in technology has led to the constant release of upgraded iPhone series that keep ahead of all competition. The release of the iPhone 6s/6s has prompted us to research and share with you some of the top quality iPhone 6s/6s wallet cases you can buy online. A majority of you will guard your possession jealously thus we have a solution to let you rest assured that your device is safe always. Here below is a list of the top rated iPhone 6s/6s Plus Wallet Cases that are available online today!Stony-Edge iPhone 6+ Wallet Case- $ case is made of synthetic leather-like premium quality material. It has a tough feel with the strength of iron. Its material will not fade,…
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Gadget & Gear Reviews

Wi-Fi IP Camera Review: Xiaomi XiaoYi 720P

Howdy epicaGear readers! Today we’re here with the Xiaomi XiaoYi “Ant” 720P Wi-Fi IP camera from our friends at Just want to give Gear Best a quick shout out of thanks for sending us this along with another project to review!Let’s get you’ve been in the market for a Wi-Fi IP camera very long, I’m sure you’ve already realized the wide-range of product offerings and the varying price range that comes along with features, uses and size. There’s a lot to choose from but Gear Best has a great, affordable option for those looking for an entry level IP camera that can be used on a daily Highlights:Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way remote dialogue4x digital zoomClear 720P video streaming110…
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