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App Reviews

Ten Best Apps to Keep Grad Students Organized

It’s Tuesday. Your alarm rouses you into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, while the day begins to unfold in your mind. Class starts at 10 What can you get done before then? Some reading you didn’t finish, yes. The last paragraph of that research paper needs rewritten and maybe one last skim for glaring mistakes. Did you let the dog out?With so much to do, graduate students increasingly turn to their mobile devices to keep life and work are 10 apps every grad student needs to stay organized:Organize Your Life/WorkImage via iTunesiProcrastinate – Allows you to organize your to-do list into subjects that fit your unique sense of organization. It syncs to iCloud or Dropbox so you…
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Tech Stuff

The Evolution of Wearable Technology [Infographic]

Following the announcement of the Apple Watch, many are wondering how they as consumers can keep up in the ever-changing wearable technology industry. Over the past decade, this field has advanced by leaps and bounds from a development as simple as a virtual pedometer to one as complex as a miniature computer able to be worn as a watch. As the top companies continue to vie for the spot of most revered and most fashionable piece of equipment, many are wondering where the industry will move next. Will wearable technology soon become the norm for people of all ages? For a more thorough timeline on the evolution of wearable technology, check out the infographic below:Graphic provided by ShoreTel, Inc. Share…
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Tech Tips & Tricks

A Simple Guide to Wi-Fi Boosters

Nothing is a frustrating as having an inadequate signal from your wireless router when you are trying to connect your devices to your network. You can experience poor connectivity and significantly reduced speeds when your signal strength is too weak. Common issues for weak signal include being too far away from the origin of transmission (the router), interference of other signals, or physical obstructions that block the path of the easiest solution for weak signal is by using a Wi-Fi a booster is a great way to extend the range of your router. It’s important to keep your router centrally located in your home in order to get the most equal area of amplification, and receive a heightened signal in…
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Gadget & Gear Reviews

The Teardown of iPhone 6 Plus is Totally Wicked

I totally geek out everytime I visit As a kid, I always loved taking things apart and putting them back together again (even if they weren’t broke) and honestly NOTHING has changed many years later. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to buy their sick tool set even though I have NO purpose for it except to dig into my old iPhone – it’s just something most geeks enjoy I ’ll, you won’t be disappointment by the newly released 26 step teardown of iPhone 6 Plus beautifully done by the guys at Youv’e gotta check-out this beautiful iPhone 6 Plus teardown:  You can find the full teardown along with a great walk-thru directly on the ’s ready to…
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