Unfortunately, BlackBerry making Research In Motion Ltd. will be cutting 2,000 jobs in effort to cut costs and to save the company from dropping completely out of the game.

This announcement, as sad as it is, is not a big surprise to most of us that keep track of company’s such as this. BlackBerry was once the go-to supplier for the coporate smartphone user but with the rivals of iPhone and Android, they have taken some pretty large hits from nearly every angle.

Yahoo News reported that U.S. shares fell 84 cents, or 3%, to $27.07 in morning trading. The shares are close to their five-year low of $25.60, hit Wednesday.

RIM did report selling 13.2 million BlackBerrys from March to may, however at the same time, Apple reported selling 20.3 million iPhones from April to June which become their record number.

Although I personally never owned a BlackBerry, I can’t help but be bummed by this news, not only for the people now without jobs, but to hear such a great company going down so fast. However, the company is not over yet! They have some very cool tablets out right now and could come back in no time.

What are your thoughts of the BlackBerry Cuts?

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