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Stony Edige iPhone 6s Wallet Case

4 of the Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Wallet Cases on the Market

Advancement in technology has led to the constant release of upgraded iPhone series that keep ahead of all competition. The release of the iPhone 6s/6s has prompted us to research and share with you some of the top quality iPhone 6s/6s wallet cases you can buy online. A majority of you will guard your possession […]

Dear iPhone 6 Users, Welcome to 2012

Dear iPhone 6 Users, Welcome to 2012!

Image Credit: Ron Amadeo Dear iPhone 6 Users, Welcome to 2012! In 2012, Nexus 4 was released with a 4.7” screen, 760p resolution, NFC payments, notification actions, widgets, 3rd-party keyboards, typing suggestions, cross-app communication, cloud photo backup and battery status, all things you now get to enjoy in 2014. In 2016, you guys will love: […]


4 Gifts for Dads That Moms Love, Too

It’s 2014, let’s ditch the stereotypes. Just like many men, women (and, yes, maybe even your mom) are technologically savvy, strong or outdoorsy. If your mom or the lady in your life is like most women, there’s room for sport, music and high-tech toys. Keep her happy with a gift she really wants. 1. Sporting […]


The Grandparent-Proof Tablet: 24-hour Video Support on the New Kindle HDX

I know the feeling. You buy a new high tech toy for Christmas for your aging relatives. After spending most of Christmas day explaining each and every feature, while they take furious notes (on paper!), you inevitably get a call on the 26th with a million more questions. This seems to die down around May(3 […]

iPhone 5, NOT!

Jimmy Kimmel Live – First Look at iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

This is a must watch folks – shows the reality of our society now days. So funny!


Understanding How Much Software Plays a Role in Modern-Day Web Design

Web developers utilize a wide range of tools and resources to complete projects let’s take a look at how much modern day software plays a role in today’s web design.

The New iPad is here, Apple Store Live Video

[LIVE VIDEO] The New iPad is Here in Arizona

There you have it, the New iPad is here and officially available here in Arizona. I thought it was kind of cool that I was able to catch this on video and wanted to share it.


Up Next on Amazon: Digital Library?

They’re back in the news, but this time with their take on e-books and Netflix!

Google Plus Logo

Google+: Is the new social media tool working for you?

There’s been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the question of Google+’s utility and competitiveness as a social media tool but bloggers can’t seem to make heads or tails of Google+!

Facbook Messenger Top Free

Facebook Messenger Hits Top of the Charts [but with mixed reviews]

Only after two days of it’s release, the Facebook Messenger App has made it the top of app charts but not without it’s share of negative reviews.

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