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Will Biometrics Ultimately Kill All of Our Passwords?

But will biometrics really replace the character based password, and is it truly as safe and secure as proponents claim?

Tech device

Four Features All New Tech Devices Will Have

With technology whipping past most of us, it is thrilling to imagine what new mobile inventions will appear in the next decade.


Four Unconventional Ways Technology is Improving Music

It has an ineffable presence in culture that changes people, helps them study better, and creates subcultures instantaneously.

History of mobile phones

Is the future of mobile phones … bendy?

Over the last decade, mobile phones have developed considerably with a number of integrations and improvements that were once considered to be impossible now widely available.

AT&T Becomes Evil

AT&T CEO Replies to Paid 3G/4G FaceTime Rumor

AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson, replies to the FaceTime over cellular service rumor released yesterday. Let’s see what he has to say…

FaceTime Over Cellular

AT&T to Charge for FaceTime over 3G/4G in iOS 6? Really?!?

If you’re reading this title you’re more than likely saying to yourself…”WhAt?!?” If so, don’t feel bad, just read more.


New MacBook Pro To Be Thin, Fast & Beautiful + Announced at WWDC in June

There has been a lot of talk around WWDC 2012 (since its announcement last month) but today we hear another “rumor” that I’d trust above them all – and it’s all around MacBook Pro!

Samsung Touch

[FUNNY] After 11 years, people are still trying to compete with the iPod

Call it technology news – call it a comic strip – whatever you call it, Samsung has a new device that their expecting to out-run the iPod touch. What do I have to say about it?…hahahahahaha

iPad 3 Rumor

[RUMOR] iPad 3 to be Announced in February & Released in March

The tech rumor today is 1) exciting and 2) very believable. Reports are saying that the Apple iPad 3 could be announced on Steve Jobs birthday, February 24 (yes, only 18 days away) with a released date of March 29th. Many are referring to this released to be “different” due to the recent passing of […]

iPhone 5 Sprint Exclusive 150x150

[RUMOR] iPhone 5 to be a Sprint Exclusive

A few days ago I heard a shocking rumor that iPhone 5 may be exclusive network due to some recent activity in Sprints ordering activity. You’ve gotta check out this rumor – it’s a biggie

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