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How Business Mobile Solutions Help Sales Teams [infographic]

Mobile technology has been a game changer in nearly every aspect of everyday life, and those advantages are beginning to make their way to the business realm.


5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Cut Your Monthly Phone Bill

Typically, these apps/services utilize an Internet connection to enable users to send calls, text, video, and picture messages as digital signals to other users all over the world. In doing so, the service is able to provide users a number of ways to save on their monthly mobile bill.


Top 10 Gifts for Gear Heads Under $20

Stay on budget and keep gear heads happy with our top 10 gift picks under the $20 mark.

New Kindle Paperwhite Screen

Where to Buy Kindle Paperwhite: The New Touch Screen E-Reader

Interested in buying the All-New Kindle Paperwhite but not sure the best place to pick it up? We’ve got the information for you!


Four Tips on Choosing the Right Smartphone

If you haven’t caught up with technology yet but are thinking about joining the smartphone party any time soon, here are some tips on making sure you get the right one for you.


Apps to Distract You from Boredom

If you need a little extra help finding apps to distract you from boredom, take a look at this list we’ve compiled.


Six of the Most Common Printer Problems (and a fix for each)

However with printers comes inevitable maintenance. Not only does the actual machine cost a hundred bucks or so, but ink cartridges must be replaced and a regular supply of paper.

Remote Desktop Access

The Value of Remote Desktop Access

For those of us who use them for personal use, they can be great for accessing data stored on our home desktops when it is needed, such as setting virus checkers to run at home or even setting webcams to watch over our houses when you are away.

Apple Lightning Cable

3 Apple Lightning Cable Alternative That Don’t Suck

The manufacturing of junk products is an epidemic and the same can be said when it comes to most generic Lightning cables on the market today BUT here are three alternatives that don’t suck.

Google Glasses

Top 5 New Tech Purchases You NEED in 2013

Our featured guest, John Rhodes, self-confessed tech gear and internet addict, outlines the top 5 new tech purchases you NEED in 2013. Let’s dive in!

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