Facebook Camera is a Top App!In just under 24 hours the Facebook Camera app jumped quickly to top earning the 2nd top free app position with 392 ratings.

Most users appear to be very happy with the new “Instagram” style app and are letting everyone know saying things like…

  • “For what it is, it works great. I don’t need to give my location for pics as previously stated. It loads all pictures from newest to oldest and works best AFTER working with you pics. Very easy to use.” – Norman
  • “Great app! It’s a lot easier to see all the photos now :)” – Loretta
  • “Great camera app. Nice filters, slick interface and easy to use. I deco Italy recommend it.” – Dane

Although this app already has 4 out of 5 stars, not every one is happy…

  • “Really nice app with huge flaw: Please fix the experience with full screen images. Seems like it’s really hard to exit full screen mode. Also, swiping left or right should go to the next image” – bniem
  • “Awesome User Interface, but if integrated with stock facebook app then it will work wonders” – Manky
  • “So many options missing: 1) missing the ability to post to any album. 2) can’t create a new album 3) requires location services to upload a photo. (no other app requires it. And the orginal fb iPhone app doesn’t either!) 4) instant upload To name a few.” – Wooshi

Either way, jumping to the top app list in UNDER 24 hours is a pretty decent achievement. Far as the missing features, although it’s somewhat disappointing, I’m sure they will be working to improve the app.

What are your thoughts on the app?