Facebook CameraFacebook just launched its new app footprint, Facebook Camera. The idea of this app is very much like Instragram so all you Facebook + Instragram fans will absolutly LOVE this app.

Why it’s pretty cool

Facebook Camera has three basic features that are made to impress:

  • Share multiple photos – until today, uploading your mobile photos via the Facebook app was pretty clunky and limited you to one photo at a time. NOW, you’ll be able to tell a story with your pictures and videos by selecting as many as you’d like all at once.
  • Quickly edit photos – Just like the well-known and loved Instagram, you’ll now be able to quickly edit and apply filters to your Facebook photos with this new app.
  • Tap to tag (easily share) – nothing new here but you’ll still have the ability to quickly tap to tag all your friends and family

Facebook Camera App StoreSorry Android Users

For now, this new app is only available to iOS users, however, a lot of users still aren’t able to download it in the mobile app store (myself included). Facebook has not (and will not) release any estimated date of an android version but I’d bet it’s around the corner soon.

Frankly, I’m surprised they would release such an app with no Android support. Just shocking if you as me.

So, iOS users, go download it!

You can download the app either by visiting the App Store or going directing to the Facebook Camera homepage. Enjoy!