Facbook Messenger Top FreeIt’s only been two days since the release of the Facebook Messenger App and it’s already made it to the top in both the Apple App Store #1 and Android Market #2!

As you can see in the picture to the right, Facebook Messenger is now the #1 Top Free App with already 1,455 ratings but with only 3.5 stars! I don’t know about you but that really surprises me considering the huge Facbook fan-base.

However, on the other hand and after reading some of the reviews, it’s not really all that surprising. One thing I always forget is, no matter how big or famous you get, people are still going to be honest and quite frankly that’s a good thing!

If you look at all the details, Facebook, Inc. rolled this app out knowing that it was not perfect, let along missing key features ANY chat or messenger system should have!

So what are the reviews saying?

“It’s really a nice app but I wish I could see my online friends.”

“So far so good¬†It really needs the online/away/offline indicator…”

“The idea is fantastic but can’t see online people,…”

So not sure what Facebook was thinking here – having the ability to see online/offline/away users within a messenger to me seems like a no brainer! But, who am I?

However, it appears almost everyone feels the same way and yes, even the reviews that give a 5 star rating mention something about wanting this feature.

¬†“Why isn’t this Facebook messenger feature simply incorporated in the actual Facebook app?”

This one makes me laugh since this feature used to be in the Facebook App but appears to not work any longer. However, keep in mind that this chat feature only worked for users that were online.

” “Facebook doesn’t support sending a message to this number” REALLY? If I wanted to txt I would txt, send a Facebook message to my friend please. Is that too much to ask?”

“Notifications don’t show up”


Meh, I’ve gotta cut them some slack on this one – any new app is going to have some bugs that need attention. I think they did a pretty good job considering this is v1.0.