So I’ve been hearing about a lot of people making the switch from Android to iPhone 4S due to some annoying quirks with nearly all the Android options on the market today.

Apple iPhone vs. Android

I think one of the biggest reasons we are seeing users switch is simply because iPhone is now offered on nearly all the major carriers on the market today – so now they don’t have to give up the service they love for a phone they really want. However, there are a few other reasons I feel people are making the switch. Here’s a few I keep hearing over and over from Android users:

  • Stability – iPhone 4S is massively stable. Never crashes, locks-up or does weird things due to apps
  • Better Apps – Even though the Android Market has more apps – I hear they do NOT compare to the Apple App Store. App store apps have more features and again, are more stable
  • Battery Life – Android phones do have bigger screens but the battery life I hear is another feature not comparable to iPhone
  • Siri – simply put: people are loving Siri

Keep in mind, not all users making the switch are 100% satisfied – some big lose in Google Map functionality and widgets appear to be big cons for a lot of users – however, most are willing to make that sacrifice.

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