Samsung TouchOur friends over at Zagg just posted an interesting post uncovering the supposedly new iPod Touch competitor from Samsung. I find this news somewhat hilarious not because I don’t like Samsung products (cause I do) and not because I’m such a big fan of Apple (although I am) but simply because people have been trying to beat the iPod since it’s release in late 2001 – yet not one has really been successful – and they are still trying.

Although I do feel the new device will resinate very well in the Android community, I absolutely do NOT feel it’s going to “take-over” and beat out the iPod touch. People simply love iTunes along with Apple devices and are used to it’s functionality. But again, I do feel a lot of those Android lovers and ones that currently own (and love) their Android phone will probably pick this device up.

So, what’s all the hype about?

  • 3.6′ touch screen with resolution of 480×320
  • Will run android 2.3
  • Has Wi-Fi
  • 1GHz single-core processor
  • Rear 2 megapixel camera + front facing camera
  • Access to Google Play story (access to tons of apps)
  • Store music, videos, etc.

As you can see, this little device is looking like a pretty decent competitor to the iPod Touch giving the ability to enjoy a touch device without buying a phone (and I assume at an affordable price). Only time will tell but if I was a betting man, I’d bet this isn’t close to an iPod rival – hard to beat something that’s been #1 for over 11 years and running!

Do you feel iPod can be touched?