Sears Sells iPad 2 for $69 - $30 savings!

I know mistakes happen but how can an iPad 2, a $500 device, “accidentally” get listed on your website for $69.00 and THEN say it’s a $30 savings?!?

Whether or not it seems impossible, some IT guy over at Sears made it happen. For a short period of time you could have been the lucky person to snatch up a 16GB iPad 2 for just under $70 – which as we all know, is a DEAL! haha

I find this news rather hilarious but do feel for the smart yet retarded IT guy(s) over at I was not able to confirm whether or not if anyone caught this error in time to make purchases or even if those purchases were honored but if they were, there are some truly lucky people out there!Why can’t I ever be “that guy”!?

BTW, why they just now listing the iPad 2?