Apple TV

While I haven’t been able to check my personal Apple TV, several blogs and Apple TV owners have noticed a new icon on the home screen this morning: Hulu Plus.

The service was said to went live Tuesday morning and requires the user to completely shut-down and restart the device for the icon to appear but does NOT require a software update.

Apple, it’s about time…

So far Apple hasn’t “officially” released anything on the topic but yet quietly releases the new service with minimal chatter (even around the web). While I agree it’ IS about time, I’m super excited to hear this unexpected news about added service and will be using it often.

Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Is Apple TV now a stronger competitor?

Absolutely! One of the biggest missing services on Apple TV was Hulu Plus and it’s been the reason a LOT of others have decided to run with a Roku or another competitor out there but now, it’s a completely different story.

I personally went with the Apple TV because of AirPlay – it’s the edge that no other online streaming device has for under $100 – I use it often and it’s works perfectly. While I was bummed I wouldn’t have the Hulu service, the other features won me over since I could easily stream Hulu Plus via my iPad/iPhone & AirPlay it to my screen. But again, today it’s a different story.

It’ll be interesting how this news unfolds today and how it’ll reflect Apple TV sales in the future.

Are you pumped about this news?