Some have waited for months while others could care less, either way, iOS 6 will go live sometime tomorrow to iOS users and enable a slew of very cool features that should make iPhone, iPad and iPod touch better than ever. We’ll soon see.

The question is, what should you expect in iOS 6? Well, let’s dive into what you can expect tomorrow in the order of importance (to me).

Apple Maps

Apple Maps Overview

Yup, the feature I’m most excited AND most bummed about is the addition of Apple Maps which gives us turn-by-turn navigation (finally), real-time traffic updates, and Flyover (a slick 3D view of major cities). I hate that they are doing away with Google Maps (because I love it) but I’m optimistic to see what Apple has put together in this new native app.


Apple Siri Overview

While your iPhone 4 will still not have the feature (and never will) iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (which will be released this Friday) along with iPad 2 and iPad 3, can take full advantage of the new Siri.

iOS 6 adds more ways you can use Siri like finding sport scores right away (I could care less), find movies that are playing (again, care less) and reserve a table at nearby restaurants. While some of those features are not impressive to me, I’m really looking forward to the features that allow you to voice text, open apps by voice and and get directions quickly.

Facetime Over 4G

Apple Facetime

Use one of the coolest iOS features yet one the road with iOS 6 – talk with friends, family and co-workers without Wifi and on the road. However, if you’re with AT&T, you’ll be forced into their “Mobile Share” program to use the feature. I knew they would do this.

That’s the important ones to me, but you can also expect:

  • Facebook integration
  • Shared photo streams with iCloud
  • Passbook (a new Apple app)
  • Phone enhancements (reply with text messages easily, etc.)
  • A “better” mail experience
  • Enhancements to Safari (who uses Safari, Google Chrome rocks)

Some really cool (but less noticed) changes

  • Download an app without closing the app store (revamped App store)
  • Share via FB & Twitter from notification center
  • Revamped share menu
  • Make any song a ringtone
  • Pull to refresh mail

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