Over the past several weeks I’ve had the pleasure of using the iOttie Sprinkle iPhone 5 Case and had plenty of time to formulate a strong review that should help influence your decision when looking for a new iPhone 5 case; this review is coming from someone who has actually used the case in real life scenarios.

Protective, shock absorbent yet slim

The most important factor and feature of this cause is that fact that it completely protects your phone without adding excess bulk or weight. The iOttie Sprinkle was clearly designed with protection in  mind and it walks the talk in real live situations.

  • The case is built with anti-shock for those times where you accidently drop your phone – I’ve tested it several times and my iPhone is still in perfect shape today!
  • Installs without scratching your phone! I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve tried that actually scratch your phone by simply putting it on and off – this iOttie case will slip on and off with no harm to your device.
  • Protects without the bulk. So many cases add so much bulk to your phone that’s it takes away from amazing design of the iPhone 5, the iOttie Sprinkle minimizes that without sacrificing the protection

Simple & Trendy Design

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, simple yet trendy design, look no further than this case!

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Easy to use – adds just enough thickness to easily use your iPhone without dropping it
  • Choose your personal favorite color! Choose between 6 fantastic, flavorful colors including black, white, magenta, sky blue, mint, and yellow. I personally have the yellow and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me “Where did you get that case, I want one!?”

Easy access to most phone functions

I’ll be honest, this is the only part of this review that I wasn’t completely happy with. While the case offers completely easy access to the volume buttons, power button, charging plug and earphones, I do have some trouble at times getting my fat fingers to use the mute switch. However, I had my wife try it and she has no problems at all and needless to say, this is NOT a deal breaker for me.


Overall, the iOttie Sprinkle is truly on my top 5 iPhone 5 case list simply because it offers great protection without sacrificing the trendy look and feel that an iPhone case should have. You can purchase this case directly off their website for $24.95 or you can save yourself $8 and but it off Amazon and get free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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