iPad 2 Cases with Smart Magnet

I’ve had my iPad for 3 days and I absolutely love it…but I’ve grown a hatred toward Apple’s Smart Cover. Love the technology but hate the fact that it only covers the front screen leaving the rest of my expensive purchase open to scratches and bruises.

I’m not so sure what Apple was thinking on this one since a case that doesn’t achieve it’s purpose (to protect) doesn’t seem to “smart” to me. However, I do love the minimal design but still want something that is minimal, beautiful, includes the smart cover technology and most of all PROTECTS all in one.

I’ll NEED YOUR HELP so we can create an exhaustive list of iPad 2 cases that includes this create technology. So be sure to comment on new ones you find.

iPad 2 Cases with Magnet Technology (sleep on/off)

Are there any more?

Now I’ve spent over 5-6 hours looking at iPad 2 cases that have this technology but I know there will be new ones added every week and would like to make sure we keep this list updated.

With that said, please be sure to comment below with new iPad 2 cases you find with this smart cover technology.