In short, the iPad and Kindle Fire appeals to two completely different audiences. The iPad has more processing power, bigger screen, better battery life and more functionality than the Kindle Fire was every meant to have – but it’s more than $300 more than the $199 Kindle Fire.

Consumers that either couldn’t afford or “wouldn’t afford” an iPad, or any other tablet, is more likely to be a Kindle Fire user simply because of it’s price point.

The Kindle Fire, in my opinion, will not and wasn’t even designed to kill the iPad. However, I DO believe it will greatly succeed by getting users that wouldn’t fork out $500+ for a tablet.

Amazon Kindle FireHere’s my concept…

Take my Grandmother for example. She needs a computer that does a select number of things – it needs to start-up, check email, view a picture from time to time, tell time and create a word document every now and then. The speed of which it does these task is not important, what’s important is that it does them on a constant basis.

My Grandmother COULD fit in the iPad category but would be a PERFECT fit in the Kindle Fire category. IF she wanted to spend the money on an iPad, there is no doubt in my mind she, in time, could learn how to use the easy Apple iPad but seriously doubt she would maximize on it’s full functionality and “power” like I do. This concept makes her a perfect candidate for a tablet like the Kindle Fire – it’s does a lot of the cool things you want in a table but with a affordable price tag.

My last point. The last thing I see my Grandmother buying is an iPad. If it was given to her, she would use it sometimes and probably enjoy it but it’s not something she is going to rush to the store and buy. However, I COULD see her buying the Kindle Fire.

iPad sales will decrease, but how much?

With all that said, I do feel Apple will feel and see a decrease in overall iPad sales because there will be some people “on the verge” of buying an iPad that will quickly run to the Kindle Fire, again, due to price.

How big is that piece of the pie? That’s the big question but I’m 100% certain it’s not large enough to KILL iPad.

– The Apple Fan-Boy :)