You’re small business likely has a website, but how much traffic does that site get?  How much business does it generate?

If the website is not generating much in the way of traffic or sales, there are things you can do to improve your business’ website.

Business Website

Consider the following:

How fast is your hosting?

Some hosting services are good for a minimal amount of traffic.  If you have a large amount of traffic, you’ll want to upgrade your hosting through a company like InTechnology that can handle greater volumes.  Upgrading hosting will make your site faster and will also eliminate down time and customer dissatisfaction.

Is your site easily read on a mobile device?

More and more web browsers are browsing via mobile devices.  How does your site look on a mobile device?  If the answer is not good, don’t delay.  Change the design of your site so it is mobile friendly.  You’ll likely attract more new customers over similar websites that aren’t mobile friendly.  Don’t update, and you’ll likely lose customers to the competition with mobile friendly sites.

Do you have a blog attached to your website?

Many small business owners think there is no need for a blog on their website, but this way of thinking is a mistake.  A regularly updated blog can draw a great deal of search engine traffic to your website.  If you need to, hire a writer to keep up the blog; it will likely be worth the expense.

Write quality articles.

Speaking of a writer, you’ll likely get better search engine results if you post quality articles to both your blog and website.  Though you may prefer to search for a cheap writer, chances are you’ll get better results both in terms of quality writing and increased traffic if you hire a seasoned, professional writer.

Websites and blogs are constantly placed under new demands.  Once your small business website is set up, you shouldn’t leave it stagnant.  Keep up with the technology and customers so you can continue to offer quality service.