The MoneySupermarket car insurance division has become the first company to launch a car insurance comparison app for use on the iPhone and iPad.

Developed in association with award winning digital communications firm MIG (Mobile Interactive Group), the company believes that the app has the potential to revolutionise the way that motorists go about purchasing their policies; possibly saving them money in the process by giving users access to quotes available through over 100 providers.

MoneySupermarket Car Insurance App

This fits in with the advice currently being dished out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) who is advising motorists to compare quotes with at least five different providers in order to make sure that they are getting the cheapest deals available to them. The ABI claims that this will help the average British motorist reduce their annual car insurance expenditure by 35%; going someway to addressing the 40% price increases that have taken place in the country over the past 12 months. It is believed that these rises have been sparked by a increase in the number of fraudulent claims being made by motorists.

Download and compare

The MS car insurance app is available for download either from the MoneySupermarket website or alternatively via iTunes.

Once the app has been downloaded users will be asked to create a MoneySupermarket user account. In order to do this, users must enter personal information about themselves such as their age, gender and occupation; all of which are important factors in the calculation of car insurance premiums. The advantage of creating such an account is that this information won’t need to be re-entered on subsequent occasions; saving users both time and effort.

The company has also made an effort to make entering vehicle details faster than ever before with the app retrieving the required information about a specific vehicle from the DVLA database upon the user taking a photograph of a car registration plate. This of course also reduces the possibility of human error when the required information is being put into the app.

Car Insurance App

Users will then be provided with a range of quotes available through over 100 car insurance companies; all of which have a presence on the main website. It will also be possible to save quotes retrieved previously so that users can compare deals which are available on multiple different vehicles.

Car Insurance Comparison App

Each of these quotes will have a click to call button located alongside them which will enable users to contact individual insurers so that they can arrange for cover to be put in place or make enquiries about specific details within policies.

Future movements

MoneySupermarket’s Julie Fisher has hailed the launch of the app as “signalling the beginning of a new era for motorists” and predicted that the app will inspire rivals to make similar efforts in the future, both in the UK and abroad.

It is also possible that apps to cover other areas of insurance such as home and travel will also be launched in the near future. Although the app is currently only available to owners of Apple products, the company has not ruled out launching a similar app for android phones