As we all already know by now, Netflix has let all their subscribers know that they will be changing and increasing their rates as of September 1, 2011. What used to cost $9 a month will now cost you $16 with the option to get either the streaming for $7.99 or 1 DVD at a time for $7.99.

This news has made a lot of Netflix subscribers very angry and just by some of the polls I’ve seen recently, a lot of people plan to leave when this change takes place. I can totally see and understand their point but personally this change does not really affect me, and I’ll explain why.

Right now we have the Unlimited Streaming + 1 DVD a month plan. We honestly never use the 1 DVD at a time option and when we do it’s on a rare occasion. We’ll get a DVD we want to see then let it set there forever until we remember to put it back in the mail for our next one. However, we make up for that on our Unlimited Screaming option by watching both shows and videos literally, all the time.

Redbox LogoSo my plan is…

Right now my plan is to drop my subscription down to Unlimited Streaming for $7.99 a month and then when we want a special movie that Netflix does not offer we’ll just go to Redbox. I figure it will take at least 7 $1 Redbox purchases to even compare to how much Netflix would charge me and I KNOW we will not get 7 DVDs a month.

What’s your plan? Stay or leave?

I’m interested to see how many of you guys have decided to either stay with Netflix and pay the extra cost or leave and go with some of the other options on the market nowadays. Let me know in the comments below!!