The moment thousands around the world have been waiting for, the Apple iPad 2 unveil. With Steve Jobs taking the lead on stage, Apple released the second version of it’s iPad today (just 2 hours ago) and the features look impressive!

Enough chatting…let’s dive into what was just released.

Apple iPad 2 New Features

Much Faster CPU & Graphics

The new iPad 2 will be sporting the all new dual-core 1GHz A5 processor chip which is said to make processing power 2x faster than the original iPad.

We are super excited to hear about the much faster graphics card on the new iPad which is said to makes graphics perform 9x faster!

iPad CamerasDual Facing Cameras

That’s right! Rear and front facing cameras enabling the iPad 2 to take both great pictures and video. Along with this you’ll now be able to FaceTime on the iPad, which if you as us, is simply going to be awesome.

Also, most are expecting the horribly failed iPhone app, iMovie, to be completely redone and ramped up for the new iPad. Editing video on the iPad is defiantly FTW!

iPad GyroscopeBuilt in Gyroscope

Just like the iPhone 4, the new iPad 2 will have the awesome gyroscope, a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation, built right in!

This will open the door from some revolutionary apps in every specturm but I’m really looking forward to some sweet RPG & first-person shoot apps using this new technology on the iPad 2.

iPad 2 Thinner33% Thinner

Not excatly sure how Apple did this, since it was already super thin, but they have shocked us all again by making the iPad 2 33% smaller than the original! 1.3 pounds versus 1.6 pounds for the current iPad.

Please be sure to look at the pictures below – it’s simply amazing.

A few various features

  • From day 1, the new iPad will be offered in both white and black
  • Will offers models working for both ATT & Verizon
  • New iPad Smart Cover – Magnet Activated Case – remove case & iPad comes on, SWEET!
  • Play HD video on your TV Screen
  • Same legendary 10 hour battery life. Yes, even with the new features!
  • Same Price!! Base model starting at just $499
  • Ships March 11, 2011 in the US and March 25 to 26 other country’s around the world
  • Completely new design

What the iPad 2 Looks Like

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