When you’re miles behind enemy lines with bullets whizzing over your head, explosions going off on all sides and members of your platoon calling for backup, it can be a tricky process to get the job done relying solely on touch controls.

In the world of mobile gaming, sometimes touch controls simply aren’t as reliable as a couple of joysticks, a directional pad and a handful of buttons and triggers.

Over the past decade, mobile gaming has evolved from being a simplistic hobby featuring poorly made titles to being a legitimate gaming super power. Some of the most successful games of all time were born on the mobile platform and, while touch controls are often good enough to take care of basic swiping and tapping, mobile games have advanced to a point where full control options are preferred. Some of these games look as good as console offerings and boast just as robust an experience, so why shouldn’t gamers have better options when it comes to actually controlling them, too?

To that end, here’s a rundown of some of the best mobile controllers taking mobile gaming to the next level.



A little on the pricey side at $70, the iControlPad reminds gamers you get what you pay for. This gamepad is one of the best options when you want solid controls, a sturdy frame and a size that doesn’t require a duffel bag to lug it around. The use of sliders over joysticks mean you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking this gadget when shoving it in your pocket, and the back-mounted clasp for attaching a phone works well enough. The Verge praised the iControlPad for its portability and sturdiness, as well as the fact that it’s compatible with both Android and iOS. That means that, despite that “i” in the name, you can use this controller on the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

MOGA iOS Ace Power Controller

As the name implies, this bad boy is best suited to your various iPhones, offering up some quality mobile gaming on the go. Trend Hunter’s Michael Nieto recently called MOGA iOS Ace Power one of the best controllers you can use with a smartphone, and it’s easy to see why once you get the thing in your own hands. The controller’s unique sliding build means it fits snugly to your iPhone no matter which model you’re using and, less obvious unless you’ve tried clawing your hands around some other portable controllers, allows you to play games with your hands spread further apart. This simulates the build of a console controller while still allowing the contraption to slide together and fit in your pocket or bag with ease. The MOGA Ace Power also utilizes thumb sliders, along with all the buttons and triggers you could ever ask for.

60beat GamePad

Finally, if you’re going to game on the go, nothing is stopping you from replicating the experience of sitting in front of your TV with a regular controller in hand. According to Consumer Reports, the 60beat Gamepad offers exactly that, forfeiting portability and the ability to house the smartphone in exchange for an actual controller that simply plugs into your mobile device. It features actual joysticks, buttons and triggers similar to those you would find on any home console, and it’s compatible with just about all of the major iOS gaming devices.