With recently purchasing a new home, I’ve been on the market for some new, creative home security options and since I’m not a big fan of the traditional security systems offered – I’ve been looking for something that utilizes the technology of today.

The problem: price. I’ve gotten numerous people coming to my door offering a security system which allows you to control your security settings, temperature control along with live video monitoring all within their one system – which sounds really cool – but the price is out of this world!

Then I heard this news…

Dropcam is now shipping their $149 HD WiFi security camera

From what I’ve read thus far, it has everything I’d want in video monitoring.

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What I like:

  • Easy Setup – requires no software and no computer to setup
  • Pretty awesome night vision (check out the video)
  • HD 720P Resolution – great video quality
  • Audio integration + you can talk back
  • Dropcam Mobile Video via iOS or AndroidDVR capabilities – however this cost $9.99 per month for cloud storage
  • Live Video – can be accessed via iPhone, Mac, PC or Android (here’s a demo)
  • Notifications – alerts you via iPhone or Android if motion is detected
  • View multiple cameras – according to Dropcam, setting up multiple cams is simple!
  • Small – this thing is pretty small and could be put almost anywhere. It does come with a stand but is easily taken off

What I don’t like:

  • Indoor use only – it’s only “approved” for indoor use but my guess is you ‘could’ use it outdoors in some places IE patio, etc.

Granted I haven’t purchased one of these guys to try it for myself but for $149, I’m seriously considering it! Other than the AC cord, this is completely wireless  and Dropcam already has an app that allows easy access to your live video on any smart device.