Hold the Ork DODOcase

Although I don’t have one, I love the look of the moleskin type cases for iPad & iPad 2 and now the widely known San Francisco company, DODOcase, has just released their second artist collaborative case called the Ork DODOcase.

Ork DODOcase

Made from the Chicago-based graphic designer Jenny Beorkrem the Ork DODOcase combines passion and the signature Ork Poster design with the classic handmade DODOcase quality and feel. This allows users to sport a beautiful case with some artistic style and class without neglecting the quality and overall design that was first made by DODOcase.

Although I’m not a HUGE fan of this design, I know there will be many out there that will simply because it’s a general rule of thumb that this case, at it’s roots, is just beautiful.

However, I’ve not heard and read all good things about the classic DODOcases, I have not had to opportunity to do a full review on one myself so at this time I can’t cast judgement on them for the things I’ve heard. Maybe they will donate one to the epica network so we can do a full review for ourselves – we shall see.

Case Details:

  • Cost: 89.95
  • Made from black morccan cloth and made by using traditional book binding
  • Cover can fold back as a stand
  • Core is bamboo – provides access to all buttons and ports.
  • Comes with interior pop out guide
  • Typing angle
  • No indication that this case has the magnetic on/off technology within it’s details

*Image credit goes to Ork DODOcase