Trusting rumors from every source on the web nowadays is just going to leave you super excited for a while then massively disappointed – which is why I ignore most of them.

However, today we have two trusted sources reporting that the New MacBook Pros will be “Retina Display, USB 3.0 Monster Machines” which has me pretty excited!

According to the report from 9to5mac the new MacBook Pro will have a completely revamped design resulting in a super thin awesomeness, “jaw-dropping” Retina Display and super-fast USB 3.0 ports.

Photo of the Thunderbolt I/O from the 2011 Mac...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

It’ll be super thin

To accommodate the new thin design MacBook Pro will more than likely ditch the optical drive, Ethernet port and several other connections that flood the side of your laptop today. The idea here is the make it thinner, faster, lighter and untimely ‘better’.

While no actual dimensions are available at this time, expect to see something under an inch thick and more of a flat design rather than tapered.

Retina Display

This is a feature that most feel very confident about and one that I’m super excited about. I heart my retina display on my iPhone (and would love to have it on my iPad) and having it on a Mac would be SICK!

Expect it!

Fast USB 3.0

So why are they embracing USB 3 and NOT Thunderbolt? Simply because USB is NOT going away; while Thunderbolt is much faster than USB 3, USB is around to stay (at least for now).

All to be announced at WWDC in June

With the announcement of WWDC 2012 (June 11 – 15 in San Francisco) it’s fair to assume that it’ll focus heavily on OS X and iOS and more than likely layout the new MacBook Pro. And if they do, I plan on buying one.