I’m a big fan of Pad & Quill, especially when it comes to my Contega Case for iPad 2! I’ve tried several cases in the past and the contega is by far the best case I’ve had thus far, bar none. I can’t tell you how many comments I get from others who see it – everyone loves it.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I seen an email from Pad & Quill in my inbox this morning.

Today Pad & Quill has just announced and released four brand new cases for the new iPad…here they are, let’s dive in!

Contega Case for iPad 3

Contega Case for iPad 3

Here’s the iPad 3 version of the case I have for my iPad 2 – it looks a LOT like it with only one big difference that I can see, the new sure-lock bumpers. These new bumpers are supposed to hold your iPad in the case better than the previous system but I’ve never had trouble with the old ones.

I haven’t decided whether I should upgrade to the new iPad or not but I’d want to check if the new iPad can fit into my current case before I did. Hopefully the extra thickness wouldn’t make that big of a difference.

Either way, this looks like an awesome case for any of you looking for a great iPad 3 case. It’s kinda expensive but trust me, it’s worth it!

Price: $89.99

Octavo Case for iPad 3

Octavo Case for iPad 3

Again, no big differences here from the old iPad 2 version – just the new bumpers. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Octavo since it doesn’t have the notches to create a stand but I’m sure there are those out there that would prefer that nice paper pocket vs. a stand.

If you prefer the sleeve, try this guy out. They are all handmade in Minneapolis.

Price: $59.99

The all new Octavo Luxury Case

Ocatavo Luxury iPad 3 Case

“It’s not brown, it’s French roast” Mr. PQ says…I say it’s beautiful. I dig the bonded leather the Octavo brings to the table but this new stitched leather style looks like a massive contender. Here are the features of this new case:

  • Luxurious soft genuine leather
  • Leather stitched with rich earth tone bindery cloth
  • Choose between Mahogany Brown or Onyx Black
  • Includes new bumper system for secure hold
  • Smart Case – On/Off feature
  • Pocket option to hold documents and papers on the go

Come on Pad & Quill, make a Contega version!

Price: $109.99

The all new Graduate Edition Case

Graduate iPad 3 Case

The all new Graduate Edition iPad 3 case includes all the same features as the Octavo but with a little more college style and class. It’s lightweight, includes a camera portal and magnetic on/off feature.

Price: $59.99

Time to pre-order!

All these cases are pre-order only as of right now so it may take a little bit to get your case, but it’s worth the wait.

Images pulled from www.padandquill.com