iOS 5

Hot off the Press

October 4th is reported to be the next Apple Media Event and when the new iPhone 5 will be announced along with iOS 5. This is no big surprise since we’ve all known that iOS 5 would be released in the fall.

Apple CEO Tim CookTim Cook In Charge Now

Techcrunch said it best, “Steve Jobs is a masterful salesman.”. He always had a way of presenting Apples new items in such a way that made you want it right away – yes, even the no-brainier type features like “copy & paste”. However, new CEO Tim Cook is in charge now and it’s said that the companies future success is wavering on his performance.

The good news is, we all know Tim will not be alone during this keynote since it’s common to have key leads over at Apple present certain features of the new devices.

I’m kinda curious…but really, who cares

I’m kinda curious how CEO Tim Cook will present during his first keynote as CEO – it’s is HIS company and COULD change a lot of things up. However, at the end of the day, who cares “how” he presents as long as the features we want are there on this iPhone.