Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover Review

Review of the Apple Smart Case for iPad 2 starting at $39.99 and going all the way to $69.99. What did Apple do right and wrong with this case? Let’s dive in a see.

Toblino 2 iPad 2 Case

Toblino 2 iPad 2 Case Review

Today we are reviewing the Toblino iPad 2 Case for the iPad 2 and go over it’s features, what’s good and what’s bad. I purchased this case for $39.00 from MobileVision off

Knockoff Smart Cover

Knockoff Smart Cover Epic Fail – Must Watch!

So here we have a Chinese knockoff of the smart cover at $33 which is an completely embarrassing epic fail – must watch!

iPad 2 Cases with Smart Magnet

iPad 2 Cases with Magnetic Smart Cover Technology Roundup

There are a lot of great iPad cases out there but Apples Smart Cover is not one of them. The technology is great but the functionality of the actual “case” is horrible. To save you time, here is a roundup of all the iPad 2 cases with the Smart Cover/Magnet technology.

iBookstore Now on iTunes

iBookstore Now on iTunes

Today Apple announced the addition of iBookstore into iTunes. You can now access all those book you love directly on your PC or MAC and sync them with all your devices.

iOS 5 Coming this Fall

Apple iOS 5 – New Features & All Details

It’s that time again for another Apple iOS updated with iOS 5. There a bundle of great features, new default apps and changes – let’s dive-in and see specifics!

The Contega Moleskin iPad 2 Case

New iPad 2 Case: The Contega Moleskin from Pad&Quill

Pad&Quill releases their all new iPad 2 case with a feature a lot of people have been wishing for in a beautiful moleskin case!


Windows OS Versions Experiment

Do you remember Windows XP? What about Windows 98? …95? How far back does your relationship with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems go? Check out this video of an interesting & nostalgic Windows OS installation experiment.


AT&T to Buy T-Mobile

According to company press releases and several confirmed reports AT&T is set to acquire T-Mobile USA from the Germany telecom giant Deutsche Telekom AG for some $39 billion in cash and stocks.

Apple iTunes Home Sharing

Coming Soon: Apple iOS 4.3 Software Update

Apple is at it again with the iOS 4.3 software update and is rocking some pretty cool new features. Let’s dive in and check out…

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