Hockey Score App

Top Five Apps to Check the Latest Hockey Scores

These top five hockey app picks guarantee you’ll stay on top of leaders, wins and player stats.


Four Unconventional Ways Technology is Improving Music

It has an ineffable presence in culture that changes people, helps them study better, and creates subcultures instantaneously.

Alessi Digital Telephone

10 Great Gadgets and Apps for Communication

Whether it’s an aunt in Australia or a brother in Thailand, no relative or friend is ever too far away that they are out of reach.


Brand New Approaches to Wayfinding Signage

Believe it or not, signage is changing all over the world, in a global effort to improve wayfinding signage in terms of ease of use, helpfulness and aesthetics, and efforts are being made to ensure it is a sustainable approach.


Effect of 3D television from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

Today the big news is: 3D television is dead – according to 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

Interactive Kiosk

How Touch Screen Kiosks Are Changing How Businesses Operate

Many of the functions once performed by employees can now be handed over to interactive kiosks. How can these units help businesses increase sales and offer the customer a great experience?

History of mobile phones

Is the future of mobile phones … bendy?

Over the last decade, mobile phones have developed considerably with a number of integrations and improvements that were once considered to be impossible now widely available.

Temple Run 2: Start Screen

Temple Run 2 Review

Today we’ll review the new app Temple Run 2 that is now available for both Apple and Android users.

CST-01: White on Arm

CST-01: The World’s Thinnest Watch

With nearly 3K backers and $400K with 39 days to go the said “World’s Thinnest Watch” on Kickstarter is really beginning to make an impact on the gadget world. How cool lookin’ can a watch get? Central Standard Timing is trying to define that with this little guy.

Google Glasses

Top 5 New Tech Purchases You NEED in 2013

Our featured guest, John Rhodes, self-confessed tech gear and internet addict, outlines the top 5 new tech purchases you NEED in 2013. Let’s dive in!

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