iPhone 5 Tech Rumors

There was a ton of excitement and anticipation built up across the world for iPhone 5 only for Apple to crush it with the release of the iPhone 4S – FTL! So now users who have had their iPhone 4 for over a year now must wait longer for any upgraded phone with innovative technology that COULD be gained from a simple Android transfer. (I still refuse)

Why is it that I feel I MUST upgrade my phone every year? What an expense.

However, there has been speculation and tech rumors bouncing off the walls that the iPhone 5 will be released in March 2012 and along with the iPad 3. Now I can’t guarantee on how reliable this information is (although I feel it’s true)  but I can tell you that a family member of mine has a very close friend over at Apple that confirmed this is the case. That’s right iPhone 4s in October 2011 then 5 months later the iPhone 5 will release.

What’s this mean for all us iPhone 4 users? It means we’ll just have to wait 5 more months for an upgrade – unless of course you want to settle for the iPhone 4s. Far as I’m concerned, I’ll wait it out!

Another rumor. Another Day.