iPhone 5 Sprint Exclusive?!?

A few days ago I heard a shocking rumor that iPhone 5 may be exclusive network due to some recent activity in Sprints ordering activity. I’m not sure how factual this is but I did some searching and it appears I’m not the only one to hear this; however, at this stage it’s just a rumor.

Here’s the reasoning that supports the rumor…

Apparently Sprint has ordered over $20 billion worth of iPhones over the next four years – considering that’s over 30 million iPhones, such news raises some flags in the tech rumor world. The big part of this rumor that a lot of people seem to leave out is, Sprint is buying more iPhones than their current customer base so they either have a LOT of faith that the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 will attract a lot of new customers to Sprint or they have a solid assurance that new customers will come (due to iPhone 5 being a Sprint exclusive). Who knows…

My take

Honestly, I’ve had both Sprint and AT&T in the past and I’m really a fan of AT&T so confirming this news for me would be somewhat disappointing. I keep telling myself “Apple wouldn’t do such a thing to their current customers!” then I catch myself saying “…would they?!?” since I honestly feel making such a move as this would KILL not only AT&T but also the iPhone in general.

Even with a huge move as this, people would transfer over but with Android phones looking better and better by the week (literally) I’d say a LOT of people that are super happy with AT&T would stay and either stick with their current iPhone or go Android. I know I’d consider it!

What’s your take on this rumor?

Answer in the comments below :)