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How to Choose the Right VPN for You

When you need privacy and security for your data, there are few options better than obtaining a Virtual Private Network, which is a tool originally developed for businesses so that workers could access work data from home that has taken on a consumer application due to its effectiveness and versatility of is a VPN?A VPN works by creating a secure connection from your computer, essentially a safe tunnel for your data to travel through, to a secure offsite server that you have the address and password for. This server will then do your browsing and data collecting for you and then send it back your way over the encrypted nature of this means that no one can see what you…
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Tech Rumors

Will Biometrics Ultimately Kill All of Our Passwords?

If you’ve watched any films or television over the last 30 years you should be fairly familiar with the concept of biometrics. Fingerprint and retinal scanners have been a popular plot device in spy dramas and science fiction epics for decades. But it’s not all Hollywood make-believe. Biometric identification is very real, and many see it as the ultimate security solution. Fingerprint scanners are already becoming a standard feature on many smartphones and laptops; and banks and retailers are beginning to incorporate bio-tech into their online services, allowing customers to authorize transactions with the swipe of a will biometrics really replace the character based password, and is it truly as safe and secure as proponents claim?The Current State of Biometric…
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Gaming Stuff

Retro Games You Can Play on Your Mobile

Today, when we switch on our smartphones, we’re spoiled for choice in the games that we can choose to play on it. Whatever kind of gaming you’re into, you can be sure to find a gaming app to suit you in Android’s GooglePlay or at the iOS App are loads of games that work really well on mobiles. If you’re into word games, you can find all kinds of scrabble-esque games such as Word Feud or Words with Friends. Another really popular gaming category is the ubiquitous puzzler game such as Candy Crush or Bejeweled, where it’s your hand-eye co-ordination that is being given a however vast the range of contemporary games there are, it’s also nice to turn back…
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