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7 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Geeks, Nerds & Tech Lovers [2012 GIFT GUIDE]

It’s true, we’re just 3 days away from Christmas and some of you are just starting your yearly holiday Christmas shopping and finding yourself in a massive pinch – product availability is limited, shipping is generally out of the question and yet only 72 hours left to buy that “perfect gift”. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ve found the blog post that’s gonna save your hide. Below I’ve listed out at least 7 last-minute Christmas gifts that any geek, nerd or tech lover would LOVE to have…that’s IN stock TODAY!1. Roku 2 XS, $99 $ the Roku 2 XS has been on sale throughout the holiday season it’s STILL a great last-minute Christmas gift and Amazon is STILL offering 1-day shipping…
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Geek Culture

4 Gifts for Dads That Moms Love, Too

It’s 2014, let’s ditch the stereotypes. Just like many men, women (and, yes, maybe even your mom) are technologically savvy, strong or outdoorsy. If your mom or the lady in your life is like most women, there’s room for sport, music and high-tech toys. Keep her happy with a gift she really Sporting EquipmentDoes she love to run? Hike? Is there a sport that’s become a treasured hobby? Or a sport in which she once excelled in that has fallen by the wayside? Whether she’s a budding jogger or a lifelong lover of soccer, consider giving her the tools or time to enjoy the sport(s) she loves. Just be careful with that gym membership. While some women will love the…
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