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Five Tech Inventions That Have Made Our Lives Easier

We have it pretty good in the 21st smartphones and self-driving cars, the technology we have seems to do a lot of what we used to do, but there are some that question this reliance on technology, most see it as progress and momentum of automation to allow humanity to focus on the more important things in In EverythingNowadays, we have Global Positioning Systems in just about everything. From cars to planes to phones to watches – we’re never in trouble of losing where we are unless the batteries die. This ‘anywhere’ technology not only saves lives but it helps with transportation, business needs, and even medical emergencies. The wide scope of GPS’ reach has made our lives much, much…
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Fitbit leads the way in wearable technology with Fitbit Charge

In an age when fitness is such a big concern for many people, the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor is a very useful ’s not just fitness that improves with the wearing of the device; its features are specifically designed to help improve energy levels in the Fitbit Charge enables users to monitor such vital daily information as level of exercise, sleep patterns and food that’s easy to readThe latest device from Fitbit allows for the storage of detailed facts and figures on a daily basis; there is the facility to keep this information stored for up to 7 days. Not only that, but the information is easy to read on a contemporary OLED screen. The clarity of…
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