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Six Unique Tech Gadgets That Can Improve Your Health

Technological advancement is in a steady sprint toward making our lives more convenient and efficient. This fact can be no more true than in the field of health and number of apps and gadgets for improving your physical and mental fitness is seemingly Rate Variability (HRV)Your heart has a specific rhythmic pattern that changes based on the level of emotional and physical stress that you experience. BioForce HRV tracks your HRV and uses the changes in your HRV to determine your readiness for exercise. Doing so, it helps you avoid under-training and Pressure MonitorWithings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is a blood pressure cuff that plugs into your iPhone or iPad. Once connected, the Withings App controls the cuff allowing you…
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Trends in Travel Gadgets

From boats to airplanes, compasses to GPS – over the last few centuries, technology has been changing the way we the last decade alone, we’ve started to see developments in travel technology that are so revolutionary it’s are some of the technologies that are going to make travel faster, safer and more ’ve already started adding RFID chips to passports, and using them to monitor the whereabouts of pets, so why not add those to luggage? Millions of checked bags are left in airports, loaded on the wrong plane or disappear into a black hole of checked baggage. GPS and RFID devices will make lost and stolen luggage an outdated luggage locator is a battery-powered tracking device that is placed…
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Google Glass: The Newest Tech Tool for Interior Designers

Originally, consumers had to apply to buy Google Glass as part of the product’s beta testing phase. Ordering only happened through a Google office and people had to pick up the headsets in person, EnGadget reports. But a recent expansion has enabled Google Glass owners to invite up to three friends to make the required $1,500 purchase. But Google Glass is so fresh to the market—and $1,500 is such a large chunk of change—it’s smart to know exactly how it can help your interior design efforts before you make the purchase. What is Google Glass?Google Glass is a somewhat funny-looking apparatus you wear much like a pair of regular eyeglasses. It consists of a microchip processor, 16 gigabytes of storage and…
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