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Retro Games You Can Play on Your Mobile

Today, when we switch on our smartphones, we’re spoiled for choice in the games that we can choose to play on it. Whatever kind of gaming you’re into, you can be sure to find a gaming app to suit you in Android’s GooglePlay or at the iOS App are loads of games that work really well on mobiles. If you’re into word games, you can find all kinds of scrabble-esque games such as Word Feud or Words with Friends. Another really popular gaming category is the ubiquitous puzzler game such as Candy Crush or Bejeweled, where it’s your hand-eye co-ordination that is being given a however vast the range of contemporary games there are, it’s also nice to turn back…
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Fitbit leads the way in wearable technology with Fitbit Charge

In an age when fitness is such a big concern for many people, the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor is a very useful ’s not just fitness that improves with the wearing of the device; its features are specifically designed to help improve energy levels in the Fitbit Charge enables users to monitor such vital daily information as level of exercise, sleep patterns and food that’s easy to readThe latest device from Fitbit allows for the storage of detailed facts and figures on a daily basis; there is the facility to keep this information stored for up to 7 days. Not only that, but the information is easy to read on a contemporary OLED screen. The clarity of…
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App Reviews

Ten Best Apps to Keep Grad Students Organized

It’s Tuesday. Your alarm rouses you into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, while the day begins to unfold in your mind. Class starts at 10 What can you get done before then? Some reading you didn’t finish, yes. The last paragraph of that research paper needs rewritten and maybe one last skim for glaring mistakes. Did you let the dog out?With so much to do, graduate students increasingly turn to their mobile devices to keep life and work are 10 apps every grad student needs to stay organized:Organize Your Life/WorkImage via iTunesiProcrastinate – Allows you to organize your to-do list into subjects that fit your unique sense of organization. It syncs to iCloud or Dropbox so you…
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12 Sick iPhone 6 Cases That’s Available TODAY

Finding a good case for newly released iPhone’s has been historially somewhat of a challenge until companies catch up with the new , there are several iPhone 6 cases that are already avaialbe for the iPhone 6 and are already shipping today if you’d like so that they are ready when your iPhone ’s 12 sick iPhone 6 cases that’s available TODAY:Otter Box iPhone 6 CasesOtter Box has long been a popular choice among smart phone cases so it’s no surprise to see that  they’ve already announced 4 different iPhonse 6 Series – If you love the popular triple-layer, ultra rugged case that’s built to protect your phone from sudden death, then this is the case series for Series –…
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